From the early stages, we knew that the collaborative efforts of Architect/Interior Designer/Builder were going to be paramount to the success of this custom renovation project – alongside the flexibility and clarity offered to us by the homeowner.

Even in the beginning, it was clear to the entire construction team that this was going to be a cohesive effort, shining a light on the importance of this fact for the makings of a successful build!

Our client wanted to explore the possibilities of expanding the entertaining space of the home, utilising the big, open area of backyard which was left totally unused – to create an airy, spacious and free-flowing living area, where family and friends could effortlessly enjoy each others company.

The Goal?

To revitalise this tired, aged, 1930’s property, into an entertaining oasis, with timeless and unique features to admire for years to come. All with a touch of class and modern charm, of course!

The need for an Interior Designer for this project was high value to our client. He immediately understood and appreciated the level of finesse he would receive from the services of Marcus and his team at Little Road Studio.

Here are some words shared by Marcus Syvertsen, Director & Principal Interior Designer @ Little Road Studio:

Project Pennington – A collaborative design project with Anatoly Patrick Architecture. 

Anatoly brought me on very early in his design process to ensure there was a strong link with the interiors and the architecture. The client was very trusting with this process and looked to us to make key design decisions and material choices.

The client was drawn to simplicity and practicality. An avid entertainer, he wanted the kitchen to be a communal area, where he was involved in the interactions whilst being able to cook at the same time. An example of how we achieved this was suggesting that the cooktop location should be situated on the island bench, instead of the back bench area, allowing for our client to be part of the entertaining experience. 

We wanted to be respectful to the existing dwelling, therefore the floorboards were extended to provide a seamless connection between old and new. We also looked at classic materiality but used in a contemporary way – an example of this is concrete and steel. Concrete was used as the main living space flooring, in a burnished finish. 

The client was also comfortable to keep the material selections monochromatic and add subtle colour through the interior styling elements – we achieved this through specifying and sourcing the large modular old saddle tan leather sofa, wool floor rug and indigenous artwork.

Key Materials Used:

– Burnish Concrete Flooring

Designer’s note: this is an affordable, beautiful finish and is more cost effective than polished concrete

– V Groove panelling on ceiling

Designer’s note: ceilings are often the forgotten element of an interior, yet that can be the ideal position to add subtle and needed details in a large open plan interior such as this project

– Brushed Nickel and Copper Tapware finishes 

– Handpacked Concrete Benchtop to the Outdoor Kitchen”

The Details?

The transition from ‘old to new’ in terms of the existing house connecting to the extension was achieved by creating a design contrast. The decision in the design process was made to encompass the beauty of old red brick meeting a modern, black capsule style hallway, all framed with a blanket box style window to embrace any extra light and warmth. 

The importance of matching the timber flooring to the existing house was also a way of encompassing continuation throughout the home. This was achieved by sampling several different flooring styles with the client and carefully selecting which colour and material variety matched the best, along with personal preference from the client! 

Light was very important to our client, in order to enhance the lighting throughout the new building, the design selections included strip feature lighting in the form of windows.

These slim windows spanned the entire length of the ceiling space – the result? 

Streams of light beaming through home at varying times of the day, painting delightful pieces of art inside, as the sun moves across the sky. 

The Builder?

James, Builder & Director @ J Turner Constructions was asked:

What was the biggest challenge when building this extension?

“Services like plumbing pipework and electrical wiring was a challenge to go from old to new. 

The structural steel design, although a stunning feature, made us have to think outside the box. 

This meant that the on-site correspondence for this project was paramount in ensuring each and every little logistical detail of wiring and piping was attended to.”

What was your highlight of the project?

“A highlight for me as the builder was seeing the result of the natural light in the extension area, it felt uplifting as soon as you entered the home and was such a vast contrast between how the home felt prior to the renovation works. 

That is always one of my favourite moments, doing the final walk-through with the client, as we both know where it started and together we are able to experience the final glory of the home in that moment. It is a huge honour to experience this with people. 

My favourite finish was probably the cabinetry throughout the home. The colour, the texture, the finish. The VJ ceiling also was a favourite of mine, for the contrast it gave to the rest of the home.”

Final thoughts ….

Our client was over the moon with the final details and charm of this renovation.

Ensuring that the design brief was meticulously understood, allowed us to produce a high-quality, high-functioning home for our client. This isn’t a show home, this is a living space to experience. Filling up the new space with laughter and memories is exactly what happens once we hand over those keys to the homeowner, and we could not be more excited about that. 

The new extension seamlessly blends into the original building and will undoubtedly be enjoyed by friends and family, gathered in the open, welcoming shared spaces of light and entertainment, for many years to come! 

We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together and grateful to our clients for entrusting us with their vision. As we reflect on this journey, we are reminded of the transformative power of thoughtful design, skilled craftsmanship, and teamwork.

If you are inspired by this project and would like to embark on a renovation journey of your own, we invite you to reach out to our team. Let us help you bring your vision to life and create a space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting renovation adventure. Here’s to many more successful projects and happy homeowners!