This contemporary, architectural masterpiece was the creation of the late Anatoly Patrick of Anatoly Patrick Architecture. When bringing the clients’ vision to life, Anatoly was passionate about a seamless flow between old and new, while meeting the needs of the client and their flare for unique style and living spaces. 

Design Brief and Vision: 

A contemporary, warm and timeless showstopper.

Light was an important component in this design, encompassed by the large cathedral style window to the rear of the extension. The unique, flow-through kitchen/laundry is a stylish and seamless way to incorporate both spaces into the new extension, alongside the loft master bedroom utilising all aspects of the open space. It was important for the design team, build team and the clients to maintain the charm of the area, Malvern, South Australia. 

The aim? A livable, cosy, architecturally unique living space filled with natural light. 

The services of Marcus Syversten were welcomed for this project – here is a note from the Designer: 

“This collaboration marked a milestone in our portfolio, as we partnered with the esteemed South Australian architect, the late Anatoly Patrick.

Tasked with enhancing a charming cottage nestled in the leafy suburb of Malvern South Australia, our clients sought Anatoly’s expertise for an addition. 

Our involvement commenced early on, focusing on the interior design nuances. 

The clients, enthusiastic about fostering a cohesive team, embraced our partnership to meticulously design the interiors. Their trust was palpable, granting us a broad canvas to craft a timeless interior that honoured the cottage’s heritage.

Central to the spacious addition were two new bathrooms, an inviting entertainer’s kitchen, and an open-plan dining and cozy living area seamlessly connected to the outdoors, featuring a new pool.

Anatoly’s vision prioritised fluidity and functionality within a compact space. A focal point emerged in the form of a central bookcase and island bench, bridging the living and kitchen

areas with finesse. This architectural element stands as a testament to the home’s remarkable design.

Crafted with an eye for longevity, the project boasts premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, including polished concrete flooring with underfloor heating, a bespoke black steel circular staircase designed by Little Road with perforated sides, and premium engineered timber flooring. Double glazing, engineered stone countertops in the kitchen, molded acrylic bathroom basins, and an array of natural stones contribute to the project’s enduring elegance. Premium lighting fixtures and plush wool carpeting add the finishing touches, ensuring a space that epitomises both luxury and comfort. Oh and don’t forget the incredible circular skylight! “

Project Malvern is a perfect example of how imperative the services of a high quality design and build team are. All of the tiny puzzle pieces have to perfectly align to reveal the bigger picture.

Let’s now hear from our very own James of J Turner Constructions, Builder and Director, the one who gets to pull back the sheet and reveal the finished product!!

“Project Malvern was really special to us as the build team for so many reasons, one of which was the opportunity to work alongside Anatoly, before his unexpected passing. We knew it was going to be magical – the beauty of Malvern made the most picturesque backdrop for what was to come in the form of this custom extension. 

We approach every project with expertise and high-end quality – but this one was next level, with meticulous detail required – we absolutely stepped up to the mark. 

As a builder, I am drawn to certain features of any space – light, texture, angles, the use of timber, etc. This project encompassed them all, and we delivered!

The first standout feature (that incorporated all the natural light in the world!) would be the giant cathedral window at the back of the extension. Not only is it the largest window we have ever built with, it is the largest that our supplier has ever manufactured. SA Aluminium Windows & Doors really came to the party with their expertise on this one. 

The second highlight for us was the outdoor area and pool. The simplicity and subtle character of the area, with the clear glass pool protection, really finished off the project nicely. The black window frames and exterior finishes, in contrast with the sandstone pavers, added a natural earth tone element to the pool area, softening the exterior beautifully. 

The transition from old to new was seamless on this project. Marcus and the Little Road Studio team really elevated the quality of this project for us as the build team. Every element just flowed beautifully with each other, which can often be the tricky part as the builder – ensuring everything is cohesive. 

The special feature of this project would have to be the skylight feature, beaming down on the custom made spiral staircase that leads up to the bedroom loft area. The spiral staircase was fabricated and craned into the space. A precarious moment for the on-site team, but went in without a glitch – with a huge sigh of relief from our Project Manager, who undoubtedly lost sleep about that spiral staircase!!”

Project Malvern definitely feels like it cemented us in the category of renovation/extension experts in the South Australian residential building realms. 

Something that remains imperative to the success of our projects is the cohesion between ourselves and our suppliers. We are fierce believers in creating lasting relationships, and as you are about to read below, there is a good reason for that! 

Hear from the suppliers, SA Aluminium Windows & Doors below:

“We manufactured and installed the amazing windows and doors in this beautiful home.

The main apex window was SA Aluminium’s biggest window EVER fabricated and installed TO DATE! It was definitely out of the ordinary, and a lot more time was spent on the custom fabrication, because of the size of the window, it was built in the factory, disassembled for transport and rebuilt on site for installation.

My favourite was of course seeing the final product and final photos of the project. Seeing a picture come to life from a house plan to seeing the end result is always rewarding.

James, Jana and the whole J Turner Constructions team are beautiful to work with. Seeing the end result of all of their projects I am definitely proud to be involved.“

Dream Homes Revealed Aus: A Shared Feature with Marcus Syvertsen of Little Road Studio

Why is this a dream home?

The Dream Homes Revealed (Australia) team recently documented a showcase piece on project malvern, where both Marcus (designer) and James (builder) toured the team around the property, highlighting the key standout features of the design and finishes. 

Marie, from Dream Homes Revealed Australia, loved the house. She complemented the overall quality of the project and made mention of the finer finishes, which landed with such assurance for us. Marie also made mention of the successfully mastered old-to-new transitions and all the seamless details that compiled into creating the final product. 

James was interviewed by Marie and her team, simply stating that this Dream House “suits the clients’ lifestyle” because our sole purpose at J Turner Constructions is to bring a clients’ dreams to reality. 

With the clean, contemporary style, layout and high-end custom finishes, designed by one of the leading designers in SA, it combined the expertise of the best in the business – including Lee Grey Landscape designs, alongside Habitat Landscaping who were the creators of the stunning outdoor landscaping features. 

Everything has a place, a purpose. It flows – and within its fluidity, is something really unique and special, that draws the eye at every turn of your head. 


In Conclusion…

Project Malvern was a standout custom renovation for us here at J Turner Constructions. 

It elevated our expertise in all aspects across our business, from preliminary processes to design involvement, to skilled detailing and unwavering communication with all involved. 

The amount of tiny detailing required for sophisticated, trained eyes was huge – welcoming a big shout out to our incredible on-site team of carpenters who went over this project with a fine tooth comb. Magic really does happen when you have the right team! 

We definitely feel as though we crossed an invisible line with this standout, architectural dream home.

A line that has cemented our place in the high-end custom renovation realms. 

The proof is in the pudding they say, but for us, the proof is in Project Malvern….