Ok, let’s get stuck into the final instalment covering the changes in Energy Ratings for South Australian New Home Builds.

In Part 1 and 2 of this blog series, we have discussed the unveiling of SA’s NEW 7-star energy rating and how it looks from an industry standpoint, and how this could impact you from a cost perspective.

But how do you navigate this change moving forward? What should you do?

Navigating the changes in 7-star energy rating for new home builds in South Australia involves understanding and complying with the state’s building codes and energy efficiency requirements. This is where open lines of communication with your chosen Builder, Architect and Design Team will be paramount.

Here are our top tips for a smooth, cohesive way of moving through these new regulations with your chosen build team. We are here to help!

Engage a Professional!

Hire a qualified energy assessor or consultant who specialises in energy efficiency assessments for residential buildings in South Australia. They can guide you through the process and help you meet the 7-star energy rating requirements.

Design for Energy Efficiency

Work with your architect and builder to incorporate energy-efficient design principles. This may include optimising the orientation of the home, using appropriate insulation, selecting energy-efficient windows and design specifications for natural ventilation.

Use Energy-Efficient Materials

Choose building materials that contribute to energy efficiency. This may involve selecting high-performance insulation, energy-efficient windows and other materials that meet or exceed the required standards. Again, your chosen Builder will be (or should be!) across this information for you.

Consider Renewable Energy Sources

Explore the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar panels. While this may not directly impact the 7-star energy rating, it can contribute to overall energy efficiency and reduce the home’s environmental impact.

Regularly communicate with your Builder

Maintain open communication with your builder and other professionals involved in the construction process. Ensure that everyone is aware of the energy efficiency goals and is working towards achieving the 7-star rating.

Ask your Builder/Architect/Design Team if they can keep you regularly informed around any changes to the relevant codes. 

Compliance checks throughout Construction

Communicate with your Builder about completing regular checks during the construction process to ensure that the specified energy-efficient features are being implemented correctly. They can then address this as promptly as possible.

Final Energy Rating Assessment

Before completion, engage an accredited energy assessor to conduct a final energy rating assessment. This will determine the home’s compliance with the 7-star energy rating requirement.

Documentation and Certification

Ensure that all necessary documentation and certification are provided to local authorities as required by South Australia’s building regulations. This may include energy efficiency reports and certificates. Trust that your construction team will be across this process and make checks when you feel the need.

In Conclusion

Remember that the specific requirements may vary, and it’s crucial to consult with local authorities, building professionals, and energy assessors who are familiar with South Australia’s regulations.

Trust in your Build Team. And that’s all from us, folks! Happy Building!