Our Process

1. Initial inquiry

Upon receiving your inquiry, we will send you a link to our project enquiry form to collect important information about your project. Once the form is received, our director will call you within 24 hours to discuss the project in more detail.

2. First client meeting

Next, we organise a meeting to discuss your plans in more detail. We will take the time to understand your project goals and provide professional advice on the best way to proceed with your project.

3. Initial estimate

After the consultation, we will provide a preliminary budget estimate. This budget is based on similar projects for the area and type of build.

4. Submissions & approvals

If you’re happy with the initial estimate and the provided plans, we can submit them to the council and other certifiers to obtain the required approvals.

5. Designs & documentation

This is the most important part of the build process; taking the time to get the design documentation together so that when the approvals come through we can hit the ground running.

6. Detailed proposal

Once we have all the design documents together, we can price the project more accurately. You will receive a complete breakdown of all aspects of the quote for ultimate transparency.

7. Prepare contract

Once the proposal is accepted, we will prepare the contract in readiness for construction. We also submit the contract to the insurance company to obtain your Home Owners Warranty Insurance.

8. Pre-build meeting

The is the final stage before construction. We set your move-in dates, key handover dates and discuss any other important information that you need to know before construction commences.

9. Construction time

The fun begins! With the paperwork complete, we are ready to make a start on building your new dream home.

Your journey to your new home starts now.

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