In many of our preliminary conversations with clients, we notice a common question that ALWAYS pops up – are you experiencing troubles when sourcing materials or labour?

This question, since the recent changes in the construction and building industry, is valid and we totally understand why this would be front of mind for people when deciding to renovate or build a home.

You hear horror stories about builders being unable to complete projects due to material shortages, builders falling into involuntary liquidation, clients being left with half completed homes and sadly, some of these fears are a reality for families across Australia.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions in global supply chains affected various industries, including building and construction. Delays in manufacturing, transportation constraints, and increased demand for certain materials have led to sporadic shortages in different regions, at different times. 

Since January 2022, there hadn’t been widespread reports of material shortages specifically in South Australia. However, material shortages can be influenced by various factors including global supply chain disruptions, fluctuations in demand, and regional factors such as extreme weather events or local market conditions.

Additionally, events like natural disasters or regulatory changes can impact material availability in specific areas. For instance, extreme weather events can disrupt transportation routes or damage infrastructure, affecting the supply of construction materials.

How do we stay ahead of the game when it comes to having access to materials?

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on material shortages in South Australia, we aim to stay in touch with local suppliers, industry associations, and government agencies responsible for monitoring construction-related issues. 

These sources can provide insights into any current challenges or anticipated shortages in the region. Being members of the HIA (Housing Association of Australia) we have access to any changes or fluctuations within the industry, we are kept informed so we are able to provide the best service to our clients and keep them informed also. 

Knowledge is power, preparation is key! Being organised is non-negotiable.

How do you secure trades for quality labour?

Our longstanding relationship with our chosen trades means that we don’t have to go searching for reliable, quality work when we need it. At J Turner Constructions, we also have a unique team, in the sense that we are a start to finish builder. Many of our on-site tradesmen have experience in most, if not all elements of a new home build or renovation.

We use the same contracted trades on every project, such as:

  • Plumber
  • Tiler
  • Earthmover
  • Concreter
  • Electrician
  • Window Fabricator and Installer
  • Kitchen Joiner
  • Air Conditioning

Over the years we have been in business, it has been a priority of ours to create lasting relationships with suppliers as well as trades. We have a secured contact within each supplier that we use for every job, from timber to sanitary items and beyond! 

We also have long-standing and meaningful relationships with Architects and Interior Designers, which is an integral preliminary element of ensuring a project runs smoothly. All of these elements combined not only make our build process seamless, but offer assurances to our clients that we have secure trades, suppliers and associates ready and willing to take on their project.

The way we structure our build process matters!

In order to ensure we can procure all the materials we need, at the price we have quoted at, we front load our material sourcing right at the start of every project. 

During our preliminary process, we make our clients very aware of why we structure our contracts in this way, to benefit them and to maintain the seamlessness of our schedules. 

In order for us to secure pricing from the quote phase, we lock in those prices with those suppliers and trades AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

We know from past conversations with clients how valuable this has been to the success of their renovation or new build. It gives them a sense of ease knowing that we have everything secured and under control. 

After years of fine tuning each element of our process, we are continuing to produce high end, quality custom work to the people who trust us with their vision (and their money!)